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December 26, 2017

Hey bloggers!!!! Well it is the day after Christmas, yes I know its a sad day since we have to wait a full 364 days till the next one. That's alright we should look forward to New Years and Summer!!! Ok so back to one of our customer question. Eliab from Pearland wrote us this: "So I have an old fence but I only want to change the pickets and the frame. The fence is fourteen years old, do you think that is a good idea? Help!!!!" Ok so this was our answer: Hello Eliab and thanks for reaching out to us. I know that thinking of leaving posts might sound like a good idea especially to save money but in reality is not. Although you might not be able to see it but 14 year old posts don't have the capacity anymore on taking on the weight of a new frame and new pickets. That is not even the main concern even though is a high one but the main concern is how the posts are already rotten. Fourteen year old post have been thru a lot of rain, wind, insects and bangs, so no we Do Not recommend leaving your old posts in place. It will be a major mistake that won't come cheap to repair in the long run have a great day!

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